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Project | 01
TEC/ASI/KCM Marketing Material 

I was asked to re-design TEC's business cards while I was also designing cards for clients & employees to better understand the company. 

Project | 02
TEC/ASI/KCM Social Media Content 

To add variety to all sites I would create & post different graphics that would promote the good in the world from women to National Wine Day.

Project | 03
TEC Marketing Video

I was fortunate and was able to work in Detroit once a week. I think personalized photos are better than stock photos. I believe that is better and unique, rather than finding the same photo/video on your competitors' site.

The ASI promotional video was edited using Promo.

Project | 04
COVID-19 Health Awareness Campaign 

COVID-19 had a horrible impact on the world. Lives were broken, jobs were lost. I created informational graphics to keep the public informed in a creative way in such a troubling time.  

Project | 05
NEWSCAST 10PM 2019 - Flint Water Crisis: Charges Dropped

In 2019 all charges were dropped in the Flint Water Crisis. While producing this I was in contact with reporters as I tried to implement the best way to showcase this developing story that had national attention in one block. While this was happening, I was also dealing with breaking weather. The show was already very heavy, while in the booth I had to maintain time for a live interview while ensuring the is enough time in weather. 

Project | 06
Hannah's On-Air Reel

I was motivated to get my name out there while getting myself comfortable in front of the camera.

This is a compilation of my best work as a reporter and an anchor.

Project | 07