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I'm lucky to say that within my 25 years I have accomplished many of my goals. But I am not done dreaming and achieving. 

I started my professional career as a News Producer in the Upper Peninsula while I was a Junior at Northern Michigan University. From there I graduated in 2017 and made my way to Flint where I continued to produce news in a middle market. I took the skills of editing and communications to the next level; with more pressure, I was able to stack, write and edit an hour-long show on my own and then watch the outcome in the booth. 

My love for social media started in Flint. The station turned to social media as it progressed to be a dominant source in this social media first world we live in. I decided I wanted to take my creativity to the next level and immerse myself in a whole new career; Social Media Specialist. 

I am now the CEO & President of HJW Design. We have a number of clients. HJW Design works with a variety of clients from Genatek Global, LLC. to several restaurants. This company is based on my passion for capturing everything from food, animals, to getting dirty & shooting behind the scenes of a factory. We also offer public relations services, media events, website development & design, plus social media maintenance.  

Where am I now? 

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